Everything in this world is colorful, from landscape like a mountain and sea, in our home with the design from exterior to interior, fashion from clothes and shirt also hair as well as hat, in automotive such as car color painting as well as interior color or in motorcycle, even in desktop PC background or smartphone background.

How about Color In Landscape? Every photographer always capture the scenery in photographs with various styles. Either Black and White Color or Colorful Color. We even can capture it by our self using our smartphone and see the color in there, talking about smartphone, I’m pretty sure every smartphone has a Color Background too. What about Fashion Color? Are you kidding me? Every clothes, shirt, jeans, skirt, shoes, swimsuit and underwear has a color. Fashion can not be separated from color, you need color from head to feet, either coloring hair or using hat also shoes or sandal.

How about color in the men’s world, Color In Automotive. Not much different, every brand of car and motorcycle has a primary color, let’s get example, Red Ferrari, Blue Subaru, White Maybach. Ok, how about the interior? Well, elegant black leather or cream suede with blue light or red light indicator. Color is very closely related to the automotive world, because color gives a masculine character and for a automotive lover, coloring their car or motorcycle is precious.

In Home Design, Interior Decoration as well as Exterior Decoration and Architecture, we see color in every style. Namely Industrial Style, Modern Minimalist Style, Minimalist Style, Classic Style, Tropical Style, Ethnic Style, Beach Style and many more. The style of each Designer and Architect will vary depend on their character, they must and always give a new and fresh idea to each design and will never be the same as the others. The designers are artists who must be able to provide a design in accordance with the wishes and character of the customer but there are also designers who are independent and make their own designs either for themselves or for their customers and every designer and architect will know what the best color combination to create their design. The designers and architecture usually use software to help their design, some of the popular software nowadays are SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Chief Architect, Punch Software, AutoCad Architecture, Vectorworks Architecture, Autodesk Revit, Softplan, Revit Architecture, Microstation and many more. This version of the software has a paid and free version, depending on the needs of each designer and architect, but obviously paid version more complete and much better than free version. By the way, we need the laptop or desktop PC to running the software. Now see our laptop or Desktop PC Background, see the color right?